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Обо мне

Since 2008 Galust Mkhitaryan has begun a reconstruction of patterns, ornaments and drawings of the ancient state of Ararat, which were created in the 9th-6th centuries BC. The artist recreated it from museum exhibits which scrawled drawings are just hardly visible. He collected and modernized it, so now we can see the ancient Armenian world in all its beauty. G. Mkhitaryan has used the archeological finds of ancient Armenia found at excavation.

Galust Mkhitaryan managed to return the destroyed pre-Christian churches. Armenia opened to us from an unknown side. The whole scientific world and those who love ancient history of art will be able to understand the ancient Armenian life.


Mkhitaryan G.L. was born in the city of Kirovakan of the Armenian SSR in 1959, in a working family. He liked to paint since childhood, but he did not have the opportunity to study at the art school. . He worked in a factory of chemical fibers, and in 1985 for military service was transferred to St. Petersburg. After the Chernobyl accident, he participated in its liquidation and was awarded the Order "For the Salvation of People". Currently retired, is a disabled second group.

A number of paintings have been created that relate to the tragic history of the Armenian people in the years 1890-30 in Ottoman Turkey.